Health, Safety & Environment

All levels of our company are fully aligned in terms of HSE and pursuing the same objective: to maintain the highest standards in caring for the environment, health and safety of our workers, customers and visitors in general. Each sector of our structure is firmly committed to preventing accidents, incidents and diseases, as well as avoiding and / or minimizing risks and impacts that may cause damage to the soil, water and air.

Since its implementation we have managed to progressively consolidate it and make it part of our corporate strategy, which can be reflected in obtaining the ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001 certification, mainly thanks to the work, commitment and performance of all levels of the organization.

The process of continuous improvement and the Safety and Environment culture are part of our main values ​​and thus we transmit them to our different stakeholders.

At Haizea Sica we are convinced that our people and our culture represent a significant competitive advantage, taking care of our people and creating long-term value for customers and shareholders.