Haizea Sica has one of the most modern plants in Latin America, with world-class metallurgical technology that allows it to achieve the highest levels of productivity, quality and efficiency, in accordance with the high standards demanded by the global wind industry. From the processes of cutting and forming sheets, through the construction and welding of the sections, as well as the traceability and testing of materials, they are subject to constant improvements, based on the adoption of new techniques and the permanent search for innovation. in industrial operations. Among the multiple equipment for industrial processes, the following can be mentioned:

Magnets / Tecnomagnete

Permanent magnets, without the need for electricity to maintain magnetization, designed for format manipulation, only consume electricity to reverse polarity.

Turners with capacity of up to 100 Tn

  • Crazy / driving couple. Rotation and translation function.
  • Elevator couples. Function: adjustment between ferrules for splices
  • Couples shot. Function: rotation and translation. Construction against abrasion and dust.
  • Couples painting. Function: rotation and translation. Construction with anti-explosion materials.
  • Couples mounting. Function: translation and support.

Boom columns for automatic submerged arc welding with double contribution (tandem arc)

  • Maximum useful height 6825mm, useful arm length: 6500mm (two ferrules apart)

Shot blasting booths with automation for indoor and outdoor shot blasting of a section

  • Maximum paint ring diameter 5500mm; length of the cabin 40 meters.

Painting booths

  • Maximum paint ring diameter 5500mm; length of the cabin 40 meters.

  • Equipped with natural gas burners to maintain optimal painting and drying conditions.

Among the technologies applied to quality control that the company has, the following stand out: Angular Ultrasound, Magnetic Particles, Measurement of conicity and flatness of flanges, conductivity tests of aqueous solutions and Pull Off on surface treatment.